The Dulux Colour HutOur Process - The Concept
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The Dulux Colour Hut
Our Process

The Concept


It all starts with a set of ideas or first draft drawing. This is where we make the thought turn to something real, something to read and something to discuss. It all starts with The Concept.

The Moodboard


What better way of telling a story but a story of pictures. This is the next stage of our process. A simple mood board or image collection to describe the visual elements of an event.

The Detail


The next chapter to our story is the detail. We communicate the whys, wheres and what fors through CAD drawings and elevations.

The Make


The happening.. where The Concept comes to life. Onsite or at our studio this is the making, the creating and the realization.

The Event


This is it. The activation, the day, week or month of the event. This is the interaction, the seeing, the feeling and the believing.

The Dulux Color Hut


Dulux approached The Concept in need of an interactive experience to launch ‘The Colours Of New Zealand’ range.


We were asked to design and build a moving structure to house a large scale colour swatch that can be moved from place to place, city to city.


Through concepting we pitched for a Colour Hut.. a bach or Villa.. basically a structure that looked from the outside to be a traditional Kiwi home but the inside to a be a brand aware colour swatch…housed within a shipping container.


A 6 week turnaround from final designs to completion we transformed the shipping container into a movable branded bach even with its own red roof!


We also created tear drop banners, a pull out deck platform, cupboards & shelving and a host of communication material.